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Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

Dr. Wilkins is trained in Webster Technique, which is specific for analyzing and adjusting pregnant women in order to restore proper joint movement and to balance the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis.  This helps to reduce the causes of intrauterine constraint and allows the baby to be in the best possible position for birth.  To learn more about Webster Technique visit http://icpa4kids.com/about/webster_technique.htm

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy

You may have noticed that chiropractic care is becoming an important part of birth preparation for many pregnant women these days.  These women are realizing the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments as they prepare for safer, easier birthing for both themselves and their babies.  


Chiropractors have actually cared for pregnant women for many years.  Recently, however, with the increased interest in natural birthing, and in an effort to avoid having a C-section, a growing number of mothers have incorporated natural chiropractic and acupuncture into their prenatal care.  To understand how chiropractic care can contribute to a better birth, it is important to look at the mother’s and baby’s biomechanics throughout pregnancy.


As a mother’s weight increases, her center of gravity shifts outward and her postural compensations respond accordingly.  In addition, the ligament laxity necessary for birthing adds to instability in all of her joints, including her spine and pelvis, which can lead to low back pain, sciatica, and even intrauterine constraint which can lead to breech birth.  Intrauterine constraint not only compromises fetal positioning, but can also impair the future health of the baby.


Fortunately, today’s parents are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the mother’s pelvis and overall health throughout pregnancy!  Giving it due attention will not only result in a more comfortable pregnancy, but will optimize the baby’s developing systems in utero and contribute toward achieving optimal fetal positioning for a safer and easier birth for both mother and baby.


Our goal at Balanced Body Chiropractic & Acupuncture is to empower pregnant women and encourage confidence in their human body.  We want every woman to be comfortable in her birth plan and to be enlightened in their natural pregnancy and birth.  We believe the inborn intelligence and mother nature  are powerful in every woman!




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