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Treating All Ages

An Age-Old Form of Healing

Take advantage of a drug-free, tried-and-true form of pain relief and relaxation with our soothing Acupuncture services. Your treatment can be tailored to your particular needs, as Acupuncture is capable of producing a variety of different results based on your preferences.

Acupuncture Services

• Pain Relief

• Relaxation

• Migraines and Headaches

• Weight Loss

• Smoking Cessation

• Allergy Elimination

• Increase Energy

• Fertility

Acupuncture goes hand-in-hand with Chiropractic Services, as both are natural, non-invasive treatments for a variety of well-being concerns.

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Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.  This is done by inserting needles into the skin.  Dr. Wilkins provides acupuncture care to any age of patient for most conditions.  Commonly treated conditions for acupuncture include, but not limited to, chronic pain syndromes, infertility, fibromyalgia, smoking cessation, weight loss, neck pain, back pain, organ related disorders and women’s conditions.


Dr. Wilkins uses thin, stainless steel needles that are inserted approximately ¼ inch into the skin.  Each treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes depending upon the individual and condition being treated.